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Taurus (Black Tee)
Taurus (Black Tee)neondystopia_taurus_1

Taurus (Black Tee)


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  • Fine jersey
  • Slim fit
  • Double stitched
  • made in the USA, sweatshop-free
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About the designer – Luke Molver
Luke is a defective Nexus 6 skinjob of unknown incept date, eking out his already misspent existence in the sunbleached technopolis of Durban, South Africa. He completed a degree in Graphic Design, but decided that pursuing the financially precarious profession of indie comic book creator seemed a better choice. He works across the genres of science fiction, crime and horror, and most of the time is more invested in made-up worlds than he ever is in the real one. He recently completed the latest volume of his sub-Saharan cyberpunk ┬áseries ‘Nero’.

You can scope more of his art and comics, and drop him a mail at his website,

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