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Target Found (Poster)
Target Found (Poster)target-found

Target Found (Poster)


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  • Partly glossy, partly matte finish.
  • 10 mil thick
  • Slightly glossy
  • Fingerprint resistant

About the artist – Tommy Hutcherson
Tommy is a Puerto Rican-born son of an American Navy man raised all over Europe and the United States, until finally settling in Mobile, Alabama (his parents’ hometown) in his early teens. He went to the University Of South Alabama for Graphic Design in his early 20’s. After more than a decade of being frustrated with his environment, he moved to Seattle, Washington in 2012 to further his craft. Since moving to Seattle he has worked with many high profile clients such as, FOX, T-Mobile, ABC, VERIZON, as a Graphic Designer and Animator. Currently he is doing mostly retro design and animation.

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