Neon Dystopia: Open Call for Submissions!

Hello you filthy internet junkies, we haven’t been around haven’t we? We at ND deal with the same bullshit you do: lack of money, crippling mental issues, and the crushing dread of dystopia. And it is your stories of dystopia, dear reader, we are asking for. That’s right scum, Neon Dystopia is having an open call for submissions!

We do this because we love it, and right now this is a volunteer gig for all of us, but hopefully someday we can all quit our grueling day jobs and just do this, but till then if you are accepted here we can promise you your material will be read. I know ‘hey you’ll get exposure!’ is a tired and awful form of payment, but it’s where we are at right now.

What We Want: The Pitch

We want your pitch for a story. You’ve seen what we do here: reviews, philosophy, news, and anything else pertaining to the genre of cyberpunk. We have a pretty open canvas for what you can write about so long as it pertains to the genre and our own special brand of punk and professionalism.

Give us a short pitch for a possible article. Send it to The title of the article should be in the subject line, with the pitch itself no longer than three paragraphs. What’s the article going to be about? What’s the angle? How does it pertain to cyberpunk? What’s your stance? What? Why? When?

How We Want It: Structure

So we’ve gotten your pitch, we dig it, and we want more. Then what? Either within the body of an email or linked to an editable Google Doc give us an article of 500 – 1000 words (we do much longer pieces sometimes, but when you’re just starting out lets start small) in AP Style, double spaced, in a font that won’t make our eyes bleed. Take a look at past articles from the the site to get an idea.


We’re going to let our editor-in-chief Isaac take this part:

“The Neon Dystopia tone is one part academic, one part journalistic, and one part punk. From an academic perspective ND strives to take into account historical elements and cite our sources when we make claims or assertions. This also informs the philosophical elements that often crop up in ND’s writing, not to mention the cyberpunk genre as a whole. We want to educate our audience about the historical place that any piece of cyberpunk media holds, what philosophical depths it may hold, and what these things can tell us about humanity’s future.

“From the journalistic perspective, we are informers. What are the facts? Why does it matter? This means at least attempting to stay impartial, although as you’ll see in the next section, this is often difficult, especially in the light of an inherently political genre. We also generally want to link to sources when possible, credit our images, and use proper style often, unless intentionally to subvert the standard. We want people to know what is happening in the cyberpunk community and make sure people get the credit that they are due.

“From the punk perspective, we aren’t afraid to say fuck you when it is appropriate. We don’t shy away from the harsher realities of being human. Nudity is welcome here. Punk often makes people uncomfortable. It is about rousing people from their comfortable places, just as cyberpunk did to the science fiction genre. This is what made it become a subculture too. If we lose this part of ourselves, we lose the very thing that makes cyberpunk, punk.

“Reconciling these pieces may seem daunting, but I think many of write from this perspective somewhat naturally. Most of us have some education, and the formality of academic writing is hard to shake. We all read a lot of news, so we know the basic precepts. And you wouldn’t be here writing for ND if you didn’t ascribe somewhat to the punk ideology. Keep it factual and cite your sources. Bring it back to why it matters and speak with an authoritative tone. Stay authentic to who you are, and what made you love cyberpunk. If you follow these ideas, you’ll be in a good place.”

Sign Offs and Sent Docs

And that’s all folks! We at Neon Dystopia appreciate you, dear reader, in a way we cannot describe.