Announcement: New Cyberpunk Forums

Neon Dystopia forums

Neon Dystopia is proud to present our new Forums!

We set up the forums with the idea of bringing people together to discuss anything cyberpunk-related. As a team of writers, there’s only so much we can write about. Countless news stories and announcements about new games or interesting technologies can be missed and we didn’t like the thought of that. The forums are the answer.

Is there something that we haven’t written about already? Share it!

Wondering what other people think of the latest biotechnological breakthrough? Open a new topic!

If you’ve already registered with us to comment on one of our articles, you can use that same account to start a topic or reply to a discussion on the forum. For those that don’t have an account, you’ll have to register for one (it’s easy!). We allow anonymous posting on articles at the moment, but with the forums we hope to encourage proper conversations and so you’ll need to register a username to take part.

As with anything new, there may be some issues that you come across. If you see any visual discrepancies or technical bugs, let us know.


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  1. You should have a link to the forums from the main menu.

    • Hey, Stegora. We already placed a link at the top of the sidebar (which is placed at the bottom when viewing on some mobile screens). A link will eventually be placed in the main menu at the top, but not right now.

      The forums aren’t fully optimised for mobile, really. It would be nice if they showed more information on the main forum page. Over time, we’re looking to keep improving them.


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