Lueur Verte – Trinity


Busy day at MegaCorps? Need a palette cleanser after those fraught hours hacking mainframes? Well look no further. France-based cyberpunk, Lueur Verte has just released ‘Trinity’, the perfect tune for your Kawasaki commute home. Highway speeding and mirrorshades are entirely optional. This is a quality slab of retrofuturism, hooky, evocative synth leads over a 4/4 drum machine beat. A solid neon city nightscape with a chrome arm and mullet. Perhaps even a bare chest and jacket.

Like all good retrowave, it takes the best of 80’s and 90’s action b-movies soundtracks and fuses it with 90’s videogames. This is Streets of Rage by way of The Running Man, or Jean-Claude Van Damme flexing his pecs in 16 bit glory. It recalls many an in-game level, or opening movie credit, mid-paced street-walking stomp, mohicaned goons sneering as they slice at the air with their flick-knives, phone receivers dangling in the booth as the line rings dead.

What more could you want? This is how feels to be a supercop.

Trinity is available now for name your price download on Bandcamp. You can get it here.

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Written by Christopher Towlyn
Scribbler of words. Thinker of things. Unintentional lucid dreamer. Chaotic good. @ThatPeskyTowlyn
  1. definitely enjoyed that


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