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The Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack project has celebrated the completion of its fourth year with the release of its new 2014 compilation. Comprised of a massive 47 tracks from 19 artists, the compilation contains a great range of tracks indicating that fans of cyberpunk music are in for a very healthy 2015 indeed.

Listeners will find an astounding array of talent and styles on display on this compilation with submissions from all over the spectrum of cyberpunk influenced genres. Whether it’s the propulsive percussion of Incisors Vex’s paranoid Enforcer, the melancholy widescreen synthscapes of AloneWolf’s Dream Frequency or Lounge Gizzard’s delightfully deranged fishbowl=man-a-proven-concept (to name but a few of the tracks on offer), even the most discerning cyberpunk music fans are going to be hard pressed not to find something to add to their own personal soundtracks for the coming year included.

In addition to providing fans with an abundance of new music, it’s incredibly encouraging to see the cyberpunk community come together for a release like this and proving once again what a deep well of creativity and inspiration the cyberpunk scene continues to provide all kinds of artists. The Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack’s compiler, Cyberbite, has also done an excellent job here in not only curating and distributing the compilation, but also in providing a well put together package containing a wealth of further resources and information including short biographies, artwork and further links in addition to the music on offer.

Work is already underway curating The Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack Project No.5 for release in 2015 with the project organizers inviting interested artists to get in touch via the its Tumblr and submit work that they would like to see included. Fans can also support the Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack project by downloading the most recent release directly from the project’s Tumblr, where they can also find previous years’ incarnations of the project, or by becoming a fan of the project on Facebook.

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Written by kidsickarus
Kid Sickarus read Virtual Light at a very impressionable age. He can still see nanomachines reconfigure the skyline, even with his eyes closed.
  1. Thanks for featuring me here 🙂 Really appreciate that!

  2. We wanted to thank you for posting and writing about the 2014 Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack. This year had some really great submissions and we are really honored to have been included in the comp with them. It’s really important for folks that are actively creating within the genre to get their stuff out there. If you’re anything like me then you’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for those hidden gems that truly encapsulate the essence of cyberpunk. After exhaustive searching it made sense to make what was lacking, there was a soundscape there that needed to be digitized, modulated and compressed into what has become our vision of that near future. Show us your vision of that future, we’d love to see, hear and experience it. See you in the future…
    K – Archo-Logic


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