Trailer For Cyberpunk Thriller ‘Temple’ Released

“By 2085, ocean levels have risen to a point that entire coastal cities and islands have been submerged. On an island megalopolis, a genetic virus and cybernetic beings are threatening the survival of its population. Oz, a health services employee, must find a way to survive amidst the swelling chaos.”

Temple is a concept short film for a science-fiction cyberpunk thriller, helmed by the same team that produced The Akira Project, a crowd-sourced, live-action trailer based on the manga AKIRA, released in May 2014. It garnered over 3 million views online and received wide media coverage by Wired, The Creators Project, /Film, Mashable, amongst many others. The director, Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, is now represented by 3 Arts Entertainment and is developing Temple as his first long form project, basing himself on everything he loves; dystopian sci-fi, cyborgs and martial arts with a touch of manga thrown in for good measure. Supported again by a talented global production crew, we recently shot a short film to be launched online in mid-2015, which will serve as a proof of concept for the financing of the feature film. You can take a virtual tour of the set here.

Find out more about Temple here.

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