The Unstoppable Courier: SYNC

SYNC film still

SYNC is on the edges of cyberpunk as a genre.  It’s got hacking, advanced technology, mega-corporations, gunplay, and a motorbike speeding down a highway.  Due to its nature as a short film, unfortunately, SYNC leaves out a lot from its world-building.  What’s great about it, though, is that it’s easy to imagine the seedy underbelly behind the corporate visage even if we don’t see it.

The premise is simple but interesting and takes yet another spin on the ‘data transfer’ problem of future dystopias where nothing is safe:

Every 15 seconds, a computer, network, or mobile device is hacked by cyber-terrorists. To combat this problem, Syntek Industries has manufactured data couriers designed from advanced machine robotics. These couriers are known as SYNCS. Syncs are programmed to securely deliver data packages without interruption.

This 8-minute short was written, produced and directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull (IMDb link).  HaZ is a visual effects specialist who’s worked on some big titles, such as The Dark Knight and Hellboy II, as well as other shorts like Project Kronos.

Watch below:

Alternatively, you can watch it directly on the Vimeo site here.

What do you think of it?

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Written by Zymepunk
Zymepunk was drawn into the world of cyberpunk by Deus Ex and Blade Runner and now looks both back and forwards in time for anything that may come close to those masterpieces.
  1. That was a cool flick. I loved the motorcycle courier look, and it illustrates the dangers of weaponized drones in the streets. Makes me think of the new Microsoft Security Drones. Is that Omni Corp I see poking it’s head out?

  2. I like the concept and the execution but the end is too much of a cliffhanger xP

  3. Really great. I hope they can continue the work.


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