Orphan Black: “The Antisocialism of Sex”

Major plot points move at a crawl this week in Orphan Black as Sarah and Cosima get a little self-destructive following a death in the family.

Orphan Black 4 - 7 - 1

Sarah leaves home when Mrs. S refuses to forgive her for Kendall’s death, sending her on an epic bender with Dizzy that involves a little booze, a little coke, and a three-way in the backroom of a dive bar. Cosima contemplates her mortality now that all hope for a cure is lost, bringing up thoughts of Delphine that invalidate everyone who’s been helping her so far. It’s enough to make her lose all hope and consider implanting Sarah’s parasite in hopes that progressing her could give her sisters a body worth examining in search of a cure. Only when Felix calls, telling her that Krystal saw someone abscond with Delphine’s body does she come to her senses.

When S tells Art about the man who killed Kendall, he pieces it together and knocks Duko around, vowing to bring down Neolution. It’s enough to hurt Duko’s pride, and he goes with back up to the Hendrix’s house to remind Alison of her place in the clone world arrest Donnie for drug trafficking.

Orphan Black 4 - 7 - 2

Susan makes it back to her ultra-modern house on a snowy cliff where Rachel’s healing is progressing enough for her to appreciate the Neolution coup and the fact that none of the Ledas will have their cure. When Evie makes it all official through video conference and makes it clear that there’s no place for her with the powerful any longer, Rachel gets honest with Charolette about their ticking clocks and their eventual death from genetic disease.

As the night drags on, Sarah tries to run away from thoughts of Beth by inviting herself back to Dizzy’s place. Some heavy petting gets interrupted when Dizzy feels Sarah’s cheek and notices the parasite’s gone. He wants to know more, and there’s a panicked allusion to the reason being personal, but it’s enough to set Sarah off and out the door, back to the train station where all this clone business started. Before she decides to leap off in front of the tracks and end her grief for good, Felix finds his sister and talks her down from the ledge.

Orphan Black 4 - 7 - 3

Not much contributes to the major plot this week on Orphan Black, but we’ve got some set up for more Neolution politicking next week and the possibility of a living Delphine. What we did get was a detailed character study on processing grief. The death of Kendall was the end of all hope the sisters had for a cure and an end to all dealings with Neolution. With that gone, death grips them a little tighter.

For Alison, that means turning to God; Cosima turns maudlin and depressed; Sarah drinks her problems away. It’s an opportunity to see how they’re all connected from a less charming position than it has been covered in the past; just a week removed from Ira’s suicide attempt, both Cosima and Sarah attempt to address their hopelessness in the same way. It’s interesting that this kind of self-destruction is shown with some kind of genetic link between Castors and Ledas.

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