Colony: “Yoknapatawpha” Review (7/10)

After the “Geronimo execution,” Will and Snyder’s motorcade are attacked by DHS that attempt to kill them. A combination of drones and quick thinking allow them to escape, and Will gets Snyder to the Yonk. Katie tries to hide signs of her involvement in the attack as Will tries to out think Broussard and company until help arrives.

Katie and Snyder butt heads after he reveals that their son, Charlie, has been located in Santa Monica, and the two fight over who really owes their life to whom as Quayle gets impatient and pushed Broussard to go for Snyder, going back on their deal with Katie to keep Will safe during their insurgency campaigns. Though Will’s outgunned, Katie kills a resistance member to keep him alive and they trick Broussard into chasing Snyder out of the Yonk. But when DHS shows up, Snyder’s safe and handed over.

Safe again at home, Will tells Katie everything about the Geronimo execution and how the myth of Geronimo was there to support low level vandals but has no ties to the actual resistance. Will thinks their an entity unto themselves, and Katie’s confidence is shaken. Broussard is also uncertain of where things stand. Seeing that Snyder is alive and that Katie killed one of their own to save Will, Quayle tells Broussard that Katie’s a double agent and she is the cause of their recent string of failings since Will joined up with DHS. The resistance’s attention turns to her.

Colony - 14

This was an irritating slice of the show so far. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it against all the others. While action is heavy this episode, and actual plot progression is scant, we do get a return to the small war between Katie’s family and the resistance which is important to developing these characters. But, what really got my attention and made me want more right away was a good bit of exposition that tells us more about the most mysterious element of Colony so far–the hosts and their invasion.

We haven’t seen the alien overlords at all, and the circumstances that brought them to Earth haven’t really been touched on until now. Katie alludes to conspiracy theories that some took to be truth, thinking that the world’s governments were complicit and arranged their respective nations for the aliens before the actual invasion. Snyder, however, sets the record straight.

He’d been a Stanford professor of economics with an impressive track record in finance, which made him a person of interest to set up a functioning society for the people in the Los Angeles area. In fact, all the people in the new authority were selected, relocated to one of the seven colonies on the west coast of the US. As for the rest of the world, Snyder doesn’t know what’s going on, except the zones outside the colonies are enigmatically threatening.

Despite Snyder’s ignorance, it seems the host know everything. In fact, according to him, the hosts arrived to Earth with knowledge on every single person. An algorithm was used to determine the level of threat and usefulness of each person and sort them to the host’s needs, from those in the transitional government to those sent to the ubiquitous factories outside the colony. They got this information, interestingly enough, from big data collected by us.

Keeping the hosts hidden has been Colony’s biggest strength as it slowly matures into something a little more competent than when it first began. If they live up to what’s been teased, they could be, as Snyder put it, humbling.

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