Synth Riders VR Presents the FiXT Essentials Playlist, Vol. 1

Hey. Hey kid. You like VR? How about synthwave? Do you like soaring across the vast, vector-graphic landscapes of the Grid? Of course you do, it’s the 21st century. Lucky for you, I got a new, 100% chem-free, A/V hyper-stim that might be up your alley.

Me? I don’t touch VR. Too paranoid that I’ll get brainjacked by the bootlickers, the megacorps, or some fucker with a laptop in a Starbucks halfway across the world. But I don’t judge, I’m probably crazy anyway. Anyways, from what people tell me, this Synth Riders stuff hits pretty nice. And hey, not everyone’s too privy to this data just yet–this is coming straight from those FiXT guys, the ones who put together the audio part of the sim. They just came out with some new recodes, each one hits a little different. They’ve already got a few different varieties on the market, but they sent me their part of what they’re developing with RetroWave VR, Inc. to be distributed through the Kluge Corporation. Here, have a taste:

Now I’m not always into these kinda soundbytes, but I thought these were pretty even keel varieties across the board. They all give you a little bit of that industrial vibe and a bit of a rush, but I gotta say my favorite is “Free”. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of craftsmanship in the way each track is put together, but the passion Raizer put into his coding really hits the spot. Anyways, I poked around the shadier parts of the internet to see what this whole Synth Riders thing is all about. Apparently it’s a sim within a sim where you play as a hacker that’s going up against this big bad machine intelligence that controls the world. I dunno, the guy who was last asking if I got some more stock in seemed pretty jittery. I think he started back when it first came to the streets, maybe he needed a fresh hit. Said something else about the rhythm, looks like this old movie from before they became obsolete, but better. Linked me to this:

Makes you think, right? Like, what if we’re also in a simulation, and the cycle just somehow keeps continuing on and on and on until everything just loops back around…

Anyway kid, if you’re interested, great. I got a couple plugs I can point you towards, the starter is on sale for like fifteen bucks and they’re gonna keep adding more for free. Crazy business model, right? It almost makes you feel like they’re doing this for fun. You want it, you be sure to drop my name, I get paid by commission. If you don’t, scram. We all gotta eat.

Would you like to learn more? Please visit FiXT’s disclaimer page for a list of all possible side effects. RetroWave and Kluge cannot legally be held liable for any data breaches or neural infiltration attempts while using Synth Riders. Warranties may vary.

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