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Today we launched the Cyberpunk Games Database; a resource for people needing inspiration, curious about a particular title, or doing research into cyberpunk games.

It’s based on a publicly editable spreadsheet, which is where you come in! There’s hundreds of cyberpunk games out there – some we know about, some we don’t – so we need your help keeping it up-to-date and making it the most complete cyberpunk games database on the internet.

Games are always up for discussion; “Is it cyberpunk?” “Should we include tabletop games?” Either use the comments feature on the page or from within the spreadsheet and we’ll all reach a decision together.

If you contribute, let us know – we’ll add your name to the list of Contributors on the page!

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  2. I would add screenshots there too. Thanks!

  3. Here’s everything with the “cyberpunk” tag on Steam:

  4. Decided to contribute with a few games I know. Not sure where to mention that I’ve contributed it though so I added my name to the comments of those I added to the list.


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