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Outland Industries is the Klayton version of Toha Heavy Industries from Tsutomu Nihei’s works. Toha Heavy Industries is a monolithic corporation that shows up across Nihei’s manga creating a thread that connects them all. Outland Industries is that for Klayton’s musical works such as Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust, and even other FiXT Music (Klayton’s music label) such as Blue Stahli. Outland Industries is also a clothing line that transports us into Klayton’s science fiction universe. The world that is painted by Klayton’s music is a post-cyberpunk transhumanist space opera, but maintains the dystopic edge that space opera often strays from. There is still oppression. Humanity has been brought to the brink, and the machines are in control. Technology hasn’t saved us.


outlandpromoYou are in luck! Outland Industries is hiring, and you can head over to the We Are Outland website to take the Outland Industries Placement Test. After you answer the test’s ten questions, you will receive your  assignment. Possible assignments are Android Repair, Terraformer, Galactic Explorer, and Planet Security. Once you have received your assignment, you will receive a code that will grant you 10% off any order from the Outland Industries Store with the presence of your associated assignment patch (each patch is $5.00). When you purchase one of the patches, you will receive a free download of a catered selection of music designed for your new position in Outland Industries, called Sounds to Inspire. Another available option for position specific merchandise is dog tags that will grant entrance to specific facilities required for your new job. Purchases that exceed $40 will also be granted an Outland comic book that contains Outland Propaganda materials which feature excellent, high-quality artwork.

printalloverThe real star of Outland Industries, though, is the apparel. Outland has an assortment of high quality printed shirts that feature concept art level artwork. My personal favorites from their catalog are the Ship-All-Over Print T-Shirt and the Cosmic Radiation Helmet (Bandana). They create a kind of illusion of being heavily augmented with cybernetic implants or wearing some kind of augmentative power armor. Other shirts, like the Planet-All-Over Print T-Shirt feature artwork that is worthy of being featured as concept art for a high profile movie or a high production, painted comic. A few things worth noting, All-Over prints tend to have an issue, where during the printing process some fabric was folded over (this is difficult to prevent), and so you get some white patches that were missed in the printing process. This is largely isolated to nearly invisible places like the garment’s underarms. When you first receive the shirt, it feels a bit rigid. But after a single wash following the instructions provided, the garment softens up. Overall these are excellent shirts with high-quality images in vibrant colors. If you like what Outland Industries is doing, you might peek over into the Celldweller section as well. The art there is exceptional as well and feels very cyberpunk.

outlandarOutland Industries is really a front for the music, though. The music is an eclectic collection of electronic rock, industrial, synth, and metal with a cinematic quality which is a nice change for cyberpunks who often get flooded with retro-synth music. Not that this is bad, there is just a lot of it.

Circle of Dust, which is one of Klayton’s earliest musical projects and classified as industrial-metal, has made a recent resurgence and was featured in a Scandroid Single called Pro – bots & Robophobes. Note that Klayton is both Circle of Dust and Scandroid. Thus this is more of a stylistic mashup than a collaboration.

Celldweller, which is Klayton’s best-known project and progenitor of the Outland brand, is a personal favorite of mine. Celldweller is usually referenced as electronic rock.

Scandroid is the most cyberpunk of Klayton’s work and heavily features robots, artificial intelligence, and machine oppressors all walking rainy neon-lit streets. Scandroid is referenced as retro-synth most often.

Blue Stahli, who is Bret Autrey and a FiXT artist, features heavily in the Sounds to Inspire collections, drawing them into the Outland family. And with a track called Cyberpunk Dominion under their belt, we think they fit in nicely.

Outland Industries is a neat project from a number of perspectives. It is a massive music project that crosses musical genres (although they are also closely related). It is an excellent example of good marketing. This is the kind of marketing that is fun, engaging, but doesn’t feel manipulative. Anyone trying to learn a thing about two about engaging an audience could gain a lot from looking at Klayton’s materials and social media (we analyzed the Scandroid social media campaign awhile back). Third, Outland is producing high-quality products that people would wear, even if they aren’t huge fans of the music. Don that Ship-All-Over Tee and a jacket, and you might be mistaken for a bare chested robot. Finally, the music is great and unique.


You can find the Outland Industries Placement Test here or head straight over to the Outland Industries Store.

You can find all the music we mentioned over at the FiXT Store, or on Bandcamp.

You can follow Klayton’s social media at any of the following:

Circle of Dust Facebook / Celldweller Facebook / Celldweller Twitter / Scandroid Facebook / Scandroid Twitter

Klayton also maintains an active YouTube channel where he dives into the nitty gritty of music production and music business.

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