Meet EchoDecay: Cyberpunk Fashion Brand

On the hunt for new cyberpunk clothing we came across EchoDecay. Their style caught our eye and we sat down for a little chat…

Neon Dystopia: How did you get started?

EchoDecay: EchoDecay is the amalgamation of both my and my partners ideas. He had always wanted to turn his skills and training in fashion into a business, and I come from a graphic design and illustration background. And I loved the idea of using my skills in another creative area. We also wanted to make the things we couldn’t find in the shops, things which suited our particular aesthetic and style. In a lot of ways EchoDecay is us designing and making the clothes we always wanted to buy but couldn’t find. It was an idea, a risky dream I guess, that was always what we would do “one day.” But we realized one afternoon sitting in the sun, watching the world go by, that “one day” never comes. So we just did it. And here we are!

N D: With two artists at the helm, and by going through your catalog, it’s clear there was a sci-fi aesthetic agreed upon early on. My own untrained eye was able to spot some design influences that could’ve come from Ghost in the Shell and even Star Trek. Was there any particular style you were trying to incorporate from your artistic background or is this just a manifestation of what looks good?

ED: Our aesthetic is taken from our influences. In some ways alternative, in other ways drawing from cyberpunk and industrial cultures. We wanted to create things which were distinctive, sleek and futuristic but also wearable and versatile. If someone ever says “that looks like something William Gibson would write and Motoko Kusanagi would wear” I’d be pretty happy, though!


N D: So far all your offerings are designed with women in mind. Any intention of branching out to men in the future?

ED: We aren’t looking to replicate any particular influence. We want to cherry pick and mix together all our influences. As our range grows it will likely branch into a few complimentary threads or collections. The main thing is to create things we and others want to wear that’s our own spin on our influences.

N D: Sounds like your aim is to be a little experimental with your designs.

ED: Experimental creatively, but it has to be wearable too.

N D: Does that make your job as designers more difficult?

ED: I think it makes it more fun. It wouldn’t be fun if it was too easy and anyone could do it, I guess. Hadn’t actually considered whether it was difficult.

N D: Perhaps it comes easier to you than expected. An added element of freedom must also help.

Wearable tech is starting to really take a foothold in design conversations across the fashion industry. Is this something you’ve considered for your designs? Would your design label be ready to incorporate a tech element like that?

ED: Ah we have some ideas on paper and in early stages. Not sure how much I can say on that until we have prototypes. We are looking at it mainly from an aesthetic perspective, but in future if a tech company approached us with a good idea that would be a really fun avenue to explore.


N D: Is collaboration something that interests you as a designer?

ED: If someone can bring something to the table we can’t that compliments our ideas and excites us, then it’s definitely a possibility.

N D: Does that influence a great deal, working with a partner on design choices?

ED: Working with a partner–the right partner–let’s you bounce ideas off each other, expand or ground ideas as necessary. It’s just more fun. Some ideas are more one than the other of us, but overall it works out even.

N D: Sounds like you’re both ambitious and determined. Any upcoming reveals or events people should watch out for?

ED: We are in talks with a few producers about being involved with costuming. We may have one or two pieces on screen in the near future. Other than that we will be expanding or ranges as soon as each idea is ready. So the company will have a much broader selection soon.

EchoDecay is a London-based fashion company offering a range of cyberpunk inspired wear. You can see their collections on or follow them on social media channels at:

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Written by Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez is a freelance writer and author from New York City.
  1. But they only make for women right now?


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