Metal Made Flesh 2: Blood and Oil


Rarely am I the one to promote a graphic novel or any type of reading media given the huge lack of time I have for consuming entertainment in that form. But being a long time fan of graphic novels/mangas, Metal Made Flesh caught my eye. Apparently I wasn’t alone either.

While I haven’t read the first book (something I am in the process of rectifying), the Kickstater video and images from the Facebook Page caught my attention in ways very few do. Here is the synopsis:

Metal Made Flesh is a cyberpunk space opera that has been likened to “Bladerunner meets Game of Thrones.” Humanity has been chased to the brink of extinction by an unrelenting foe called the “Veul” and has been forced to take refuge in Tuaoni, a sprawling city on the black market trading hub Equan Yas.

Reduced to extreme poverty, and treated as the lowest of the low by the planet’s inhabitants, humans must do whatever it takes to survive.

The series centres on three humans, the cold, merciless cyborg Izobel Vice who loses more of her humanity with each passing upgrade; the psychopathic assassin Phaeon Nex, and Kalibos, a hideous mutant war machine.

The Kickstarter is for part two entitled Blood and Oil. Here is the description:

Blood and Oil is a full graphic novel and the second in the Metal Made Flesh series.  It continues on from the first book Metal Made Flesh in a graphic novel format. It features three new stories from Creator and artist Simeon Aston, writer Jeremy Biggs and introduces a new artist to the series, Phil Buckenham.

As mentioned before, stuff like this usually goes past my radar but I think Metal Made Flesh may interest a lot of you. I’ll try to have a full review of the first graphic novel up before the month’s over.


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