T3RR0R 3RR0R: An Update

While it is certainly electronic in nature, the particulars and idiosyncrasies of T3RR0R 3RR0r make any further categorization awfully difficult . Their music is frequently comprised of a combination ...

Cyberpunk screen

Cyberpunk Dreams Podcast: Episode #4

Another week, another heavy dose of dark and dreamy cyberpunk goodness.  Episode #4 is a bit more subdued compared to last week’s podcast, though there are a couple of standout tracks; one of wh...

Cyberpunk street photo

Cyberpunk Dreams Podcast: Episode #3

This week Telekord brings you over an hours worth of Cyberpunk goodness.  My personal highlight is Blade Runner’s end theme by Vangelis. Without further hesitation, I bring you Episode #3 of the...

Cyberpunk netrunner

Cyberpunk Dreams Podcast: Episode #1 and #2

This is the first post in a series featuring the Cyberpunk Dreams podcast from Telekord at Dream Catalogue. In the CD podcast he covers vaporwave, ambient, and downtempo tracks with a healthy injectio...

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