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      I was wondering as a person raised and still living in the countryside in my state, could there be a way to add a bit of cyberpunk to rural life? For the most part for cyberpunk, it’s always been in very urbanized areas. What about the countryside of cyberpunk? Be interesting to see what you can come up.

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      Hey Jbains, I like this idea. It’s hard to pinpoint how exactly to pinpoint this idea, since it’s much more common to see dystopian fiction take place in urbanized areas. The countryside’s promise of wide, open spaces kinda runs against the grain of the ideas that drive conventional stuff, since society and hyper-industrial life life are prisons full of confining, crowded spaces, etc. The countryside is usually better relegated to space operas, or if trying to make darker points about humanity, post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

      That said, there are examples, even though they can’t be classified as pure cyberpunk. Parts of Looper and Continuum take place on farms, and Black Road is a country noir that takes place in the near future. The best scene in Psycho-Pass occurs in a wheat field tended by drones. There are interesting possibilities to explore here, but the trouble is in trying to figure out what to cover. GMOs and automation come to mind, but I’m a bit dry on any other ideas. Anyone else?

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