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      Joe Cautilli

      So many are asking when this game is coming out. The visuals look cool but I am not sure to expect it this year.

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      You know CD Projekt Red. It took them five years to give us a follow-up to the original trailer–so the finished product could be another five. I’d say it’s a safe bet that it’s not coming out until 2019 at least.

      Out of curiosity, how do you feel about the drastic differences between the original trailer and the new one?

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      According to Mike Pondsmith, the release date for the game may still be a few years out even though they have a lot more to show.

      Here is the interview:

      Here is my thoughts on the new trailer and the reaction to it :

      In regards to the differences between the original trailer and the new one, I think the focus and tone were a bit different. In the original trailer they nailed the tone, but the story being primarily from the police perspective isn’t my favorite. The new trailer is more Edgerunner centric, but the tone felt very GTA, but I don’t feel that this is representative of what the final game is going to look like.

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