Month: November 2014

Netrunner box art

An Introduction to Netrunner: The Best Cyberpunk Card Game

Netrunner, by Fantasy Flight Games, is a card game steeped in cyberpunk history. The game is based on the rules originally created by Richard Garfield of Magic: The Gathering fame, for another card ga...

Com Truise - Wave 1 artwork

Slow-Motion CyberFunk: The Sound of Com Truise

How many music producers would claim William Gibson’s Neuromancer as their favourite book?  Just one, as far as I can tell, and that’s Com Truise (according to this interview over at The S...

Blade Runner film shot

Ridley Scott Not Directing Blade Runner Sequel

Well, it’s official… or should I say ‘as official as anything gets in Hollywood’; Ridley Scott will not be directing the Blade Runner sequel! Variety reported this along with s...

SYNC film still

The Unstoppable Courier: SYNC

SYNC is on the edges of cyberpunk as a genre.  It’s got hacking, advanced technology, mega-corporations, gunplay, and a motorbike speeding down a highway.  Due to its nature as a short film, unf...

Empty Zone

Empty Zone Kickstarter Nearing End

Jason Shawn Alexander can draw.  Not just that, though; he can also write stories.  He can probably do other stuff, too, but those two allow him to create one mean comic book. Say “h3110” ...

Ignasi Velasco logo

The Epic Music of Ignasi Velasco

Some people just don’t seem to be getting the credit they deserve.  Ignasi Velasco is one of them. Velasco, based in Barcelona, is a composer focused on making music for soundtracks; whether tha...

City night photo

City@Night 002 – Michael Wolf

It’s about time for another City@Night so prepare yourself for a transition from sleepy streets to brightly-lit tower blocks and from amateur photographer to a professional. This time we have Mi...

Satellite Reign screenshot

Satellite Reign Hitting Steam Early Access

Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to the classic Syndicate, was successfully Kickstarted last year (July 28, 2013). Fortunately, progress seems to have been pretty steady since then.  There hav...

Cypulchre book, Mackinnon

Exclusive: A Chapter From Cyberpunk Novel, Cypulchre

Joseph MacKinnon’s newest book, Cypulchre, is a recent addition to the library of cyberpunk literature. The story follows our protagonist, Paul, who invented a technology called the Cloud and fe...

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