The Team



Rob Callaghan (Zymepunk) – Founder

Rob zymepunk

It was Deus Ex that did it. The mix of junkies, conspiracies, and everything in between launched Rob into a journey to find the best cyberpunk worlds in existence; in games, films, books – anywhere. Being the Founder of Neon Dystopia, it’s no surprise that Rob’s career has been a digital-focused one with stints in game development, software sales, and now digital marketing.


Isaac L. Wheeler (Veritas) – Co-Founder and Editor

Isaac Wheeler Veritas

Veritas lives in a cyberpunk world. The cyberpunk world that has slowly crept from fiction into the realm of the real. This is a world ruled by an oligarchy where the rest of us are left to live in the rising dystopia. Technology increases everyday, leaving us in future shock as we try to adapt to the rapidly changing now. Here, in the neon lit night, Veritas has found his voice as an author and philosopher.


Daniel Rodriguez (root_kit_) – Senior Writer

A remote obse13664601_1752428155000528_652199434_nrver of the world at large, Daniel Rodriguez marvels at the rapidity of technological progression and distribution the world over. As an author mesmerized by societies’ development along a path imaged by creators of dark science-fiction works, he has found an outlet to point to signposts along the road to an actualized cyberpunk world.


Chris GST – Writer

chris gst

Chris is generally fascinated with the idea of singularity and how it would affect the geopolitical structure of the world. A hopeful Law student with emphasis on tech and international Law along with a degree in Business have kept his mind open to what is to come. A long time science fiction (particularly Cyberpunk) movie/television viewer, Chris is always exploring for answers.


Daniel “Dann” Lewis (wychking) -Writer

Dann Lewis wychking

Fascinated by the ghoulish aesthetics of the Gothic, and the neon sunrise of cyberpunk, wychking’s creative work imbibes both genres into a miasmic fusion; his characters, often haunted by the very technology they rely upon, or finding themselves prey to degenerative nobles (the beloved Megacorp). When not focused on writing his thesis or stray stories, wychking games, paints, and splurges on classic sci-fi lit. wychking is also a proud parent of several pairs of mirror shades, and remains unashamed to wear them during the night.


Bill Ryker – Writer



Bill Ryker works inside the machine. When he’s not running search routines to comb the net for synthwave sounds, or running a tabletop game set in a cyberpunk future, Bill blends in like a good company man. Cyberpunk, for Bill Ryker, is a spinning coin with the face of authority on one side and the wings of liberty on the other. Likes: Synthwave music, merchant silicon, IBM Model M keyboards. Dislikes: Bad code, bad food, bad weather.

Christopher Towlyn – Writer

christopher towlyn

Neuromancer and hyperviolent dystopian anime started it. From that point on I was hooked. As a teenage punk rocker fearing the future of consumer culture and capitalism, cyberpunk made sense – it wasn’t just fiction but a warning. Currently a postgraduate student, I work at the intersection between religion, philosophy and digital culture, exploring identity and personhood in what is fast becoming a cyberpunk future. I also own way too much music on dead formats.


Silicon Sepulchre – Writer

siliconavi150Cyberpunk is not just a genre extrapolating the worst our culture has to offer, cyberpunk is here. Silicon Sepulchre was raised by 80s techies living high tech and low life. As a child, she watched her dad pull the battery from his Kawasaki  and use it to power his computer to send off a resume from their cabin for a tech job. As a teen, she spent many late nights in “the dungeon”, the nickname for her family’s basement where 14 computers haphazardly lined the big room, rocking the latest tech and games. As an adult living an urban existence, she still misses the late night rides, bonfires and moonshine as much as the Shadowrun campaigns, the dungeon, and GITS and Blade Runner marathons. Still the city has its benefits; the access to fashion, music and fiber internet isn’t to be scoffed at.

Distrobe – Writer

Captured by the allure of Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, Noah dived deep into the late 80’s early 90’s Cyberpunk anime scene, and from that into video games and movies.

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